Hi there. We are codenapse.

We are a small and nimble team of full-stack developers.

We build web & mobile experiences for humans.

We work remotely, but we call it home in Timișoara, Romania.

What we think

Years of experience have shaped the way we think.
These are some of the lessons we've learned so far:

Create an experience, not just a product

We are geeks, but we understand that code and technology are just tools to create a better human experience.

Focus is a valuable resource

Sharp focus is hard to achieve. We sometimes "deny" ourselves the benefits of a multi-tasking environment to achieve it.

Become better. Always

Constantly improve as a person. Evolve as a team. Then what we do will naturally be better by itself.

Rethinking is ok

New experiences shape our way of thinking. We embrace this and let it happen. What we learn today may be different than what we knew yesterday.

Received criticism is good

We don't take it personally and it's much better than receiving ignorance.

Be nice

Against conventional wisdom that says nice and business don't go hand in hand. There's never a bad time to be surprisingly nice :-)


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What we do

Our goal is to create good user experiences for the web & mobile.
We work "full-stack" and we love it!

Insight, design & strategy

We love code, but before we jump to it, we take the time to learn about the playing field and how the parts fit together. We are thorough and we can empathize. We put the user in the center and then we design for him. We build a strategy and execute on it with sharp focus.

For web & mobile

We build apps using the 12factor app standard. We like to power the web through Ruby (on Rails), JavaScript (and CoffeeScript), PostgreSQL, MongoDB and other cool technologies. And we think Cordova is a good choice for mobile development in 78% of the cases.

"Make it work"

Most of the times, programing and design alone are not enough. We go the extra mile and handle the other details to make things go forward. We're not just "coders". We are a multidisciplinary & cross-functional team. We adapt and make things work. And we absolutely love it!


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Who we are

We are real people. We each live a unique life, but we share the same vision.
We're not just "coders". We are aspiring bizdev guys that know to code (among other things).
We work remotely, we use MacBooks, Slack, Trello and Google Drive/Docs.

Hey, we're expanding our team!

We're looking for talented folks to share the same vision.

We are in business for quite some time, so technically we're past the true "start-up" phase. But we still act like one and we definitely have the "start-up" attitude. We hardly get bored by the fast changing scenery.

If you want to work with us, all we ask is you have the same attitude (think "start-up", think "can do") and some skill (e.g. web coding, ruby, javascript, mobile, design, ux). We prefer the I-think-I-can-duct-tape-it-to-work guy over the look-at-my-impressive-CV guy.

As a new team-mate you will get to become versatile, you will have a better sense of business, you will be part of projects where you're required to make an impact. Then you will see, measure and enjoy the fruits of your impact ;-)

Like what you hear? Get in contact or meet us for a coffee.

PS: Did I mention we work remotely and we use MacBooks?


We are friendly :-)

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